Some people may still be recovering from Star Wars Celebration (you can’t see it, but I’m raising my hand), but it doesn’t matter because C2E2 kicks off today. The Chicago-based convention is roughly the size of WonderCon and has the usual variety of comics, cosplay, and celebrity guests. Also, there’s pizza, and I’ve learned that it’s the best pizza. [Editor’s note: Them’s fighting words. — DC] I’ve only visited one place so far, but I’ll be trying more for the sake of science. While I keep eating pizza and stumble around the convention center like a completely stuffed zombie, you should take a look at this week’s Cosplay Friday round-up. It has a Sith Snow White, Mother Russia from Kick-Ass 2, Regulus Black from Harry Potter, and many more awesome costumes.


Wolverine at home | Source: HughJackmansDouble, photo by Michael Jon Photography

Which costume from the below gallery is your favorite?

Source: Cosplay Friday #114 – Sith Snow White, Domestic Wolverine, & More

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