Ah, the alphabet. The letters of the alphabet don’t exist only for communication or to make a catchy tune, they’re also inspiring. I’ve seen countless art projects inspired by A-Z, but my favorite is the ABCDEFGeek series by Otis Frampton. He takes the 26 letters and adds characters and quotes from franchises from Star Wars to Doctor Who. The options for each letter are seemingly endless–to the point that Frampton has illustrated almost three volumes of ABCDEFGeek so far between projects such as his comic Oddly Normal and his work on the How It Should Have Ended web series. Some letters highlight a single character, but others like “‘R’ is for Regeneration” showcase all the characters:

More random examples of Frampton’s work are in the below gallery. You can get prints of each letter at his Society6 store for $15 each. They’d make great decor for any room but would be especially awesome for a kid since the art teaches both the alphabet and geek references. That’s called winning.

Source: Fan Art Friday #28 – Otis Frampton’s ABCDEFGeek Project

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