How can anyone not love watching Neil deGrasse Tyson talk about something he finds interesting? This is the basic reason his podcast Star Talk has made the jump over to television, because we weren’t able to watch how animated and excited he gets over the topics he discusses. Tyson made a guest appearance on The Daily Show this past week to talk to Jon Stewart about his new show among other topics that always seem to just come up when one has a conversation with Stewart.


Of course Jon Stewart could sit down with Neil deGrasse Tyson and have a discussion that starts with the rise of the geek-isphere, and the embracing of science, and transition it to Batman vs. Superman. Hell, we do that kind of stuff on this website all the time. That’s basically the reverse of how Because Science got started…right, Kyle?

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Tyson seemed to side with Batman, but there wasn’t too much detail other than philosophical allegiances. Looks like we will have to settle for whatever answer Zack Snyder offers in his big budget follow up to Man Of Steel.

Star Talk, however, has just recently premiered and will be something to keep an eye out for as more episodes roll out. The show is described by the man himself as, “getting people from pop-culture and exploring all the ways science has mattered in their lives.” The clip they offer at the beginning of the interview, showing Tyson talk to director Christopher Nolan and geeking about about the theory of relativity as it pertains to in his film Interstellar, depicts this quite well. If that’s the whole show, I’m sold.

Looking forward to Star Talk, or seen it already? Think Neil is wrong about Superman and Batman? Need a place to profess your love for Because Science? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Neil deGrasse Tyson And Jon Stewart Debate Batman vs. Superman

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