Sometimes I wonder what life was like before Mad Max: Fury Road. I know I existed, I know I was alive then, but yet I can’t remember the world without it.

That probably explains why all of us keep gobbling up every morsel connected to the movie we can, and now we can take that obsession wherever we go with these fantastic 3D-printed masks inspired by the film.

Following up a replica mask he made based on the one Max Rockatansky wore as a captive of the War Boys, creator Andrew Sink has now made an Immortan Joe mask that may have just decided your Halloween costume for you.


Using a 3D model uploaded by Thingiverse user filipturz, Sink bonded the two-piece design together with a sandable joiner. A detailed-paint job later, and everything is shiny and chrome for you to experience a lovely day.


Compared to the real thing? Nice.


If you want to make one, Sink has more photos showing the construction process, and the model can be downloaded for free.

If you don’t feel like being the villain, or don’t trust your ability to capture a cadre of women to be your breeders, make Sink’s Max mask instead.


Amazingly, Sink designed and created the mask a month before the movie came out. Imagine having walked into opening night with that? That would have been like walking into the premier of Jurassic World with Indominus rex on a leash.

The Max-inspired mask took Sink 11 hours to print and over six to hours to paint. It is also available for download. Welp, that’s it I guess. Time to buy a 3D printer. I can’t not have these.

What other characters would you like to see printed up next? Tell us in the comments below and lets get creating.

IMAGES: Andrew Sink; Warner Brothers

Source: 3D-Printed MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Masks Make Every Day Lovely

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