Anyone who has watched their cat go into battle with a squirrel, bird, or sky raisin–I mean, house fly–knows that cats are warrior beasts. Okay, warrior beasts who really love a good cuddle and feel the need to lay across your keyboard for ear-scratching. A warrior is only as good as her armor, and we are happy to report that the lack of battle accouterments for the feline purr-suasion is over. We present to you, 3D-printed battle armor for cats!

If you’ve got a 3D printer and the interwebs, you, too, can create this magical item! Print That Thing, which created the armor, has uploaded the all the info to Thingiverse for you. Andrew Sink over at Sink Hacks decided to try it out with gold-toned ABS filament and jewelry hoops. He said, “The suit has a solid feel to it, and is articulated nicely, allowing it to move with the cat! I scaled it down to 95% so it would fit my little cat, but left the tail pieces and stinger at full size. I printed it using Hatchbox Gold ABS Filament, so it would have a metallic look to it!” (His cat Virginia is the one in the pic above. He is a brave man.)


This seems totally legit. Your cat is already freaked out by the movement of her own tail. Imagine the hours of fun she’ll have now that it has spiked armor on it! In the video, you get to see the entire process, from the request by the cat Bobo (you read that correctly) to the finished product. You have to watch until the end, where Bobo is taken for a walk on a leash in full cat battle armor. Someone’s eyes are getting gouged out in his sleep tonight.

So, do you place a low enough value on your life and limbs to print this out and strap it on to your cat? Please, oh please tweet me/us @JennaBusch/@Nerdist with pictures if you do. Just, make sure your house is well-stocked with bandaids and Neosporin.

HT: Boing Boing
Image credit: PRINT THAT THING, Sink Hacks

Source: Make Your 3D-Printed Battle Armor for Cats

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