They’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight, Destroying trucks and melting freight. Red and green and brown and blue, Robot nightmares do come true.”

It seems that Sid, the Toy Story character known for creating amalgam toy monstrosities, has a real-life counterpart who is Frankenstein-ing toys together in some awesome (and dangerous) ways. When YouTube’s Peter Sripol received a hexapod robot toy, it seems it took him all of a few minutes before upgrading its controls and motor functions but that still wasn’t enough. Looking at his creation, he made the logical jump that we’d all make and thought, “this thing needs to be more dangerous!”

We’re filing this under the obvious “don’t try this at home” category and are thankful we get to experience it from the safety of our computers. Sripol was inspired by a similar YouTube video of, oddly enough, another Thomas the Tank Engine flamethrower and just had to make his own. With a little plumbing know-how, he added copper pipe fuel tanks and a pump delivery system to make this version of Thomas capable of leading the inevitable rise of the machines on Sodor Island. But if we’re honest with ourselves, Sir Topham Hatt probably has it coming with the way he treats Thomas and his ever-looming threat of “being cross.”

What do you think of these terrifying upgrades to everyone’s favorite lovable train? Does Thomas have a future in the Battlebots ring? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Images: PeterSripol

Source: Nerdist Tech