There’s a strange flow of media these days when any sort of new item comes out. First there are the launch videos, which are followed by the reaction videos to the initial launch. Then come the unboxing videos and, as you can probably guess, even some “reaction to the unboxing video” videos. And finally, there are the “let’s see what kind of damage we can do” kind. These sort of videos aim to see what sort of damage can be inflicted on an item via falling from great heights, smashing, and even hydraulic pressing. What we’re saying is that the internet is a weird, weird place.

The launch of the Nintendo Switch certainly fell into this video pattern and one such mayhem-filled video (via breaking news on Kotaku) has already dropped.  In fact, it came from a channel entirely devoted to doing drop tests, called GizmoSlip which, we guess, the world sort of has a need for? It turns out that the new Nintendo system is pretty resilient to normal wear and tear falls that it’d probably suffer from an overly clumsy user. The system held on for dear life for 10 of the 11  five foot drops it received in the video, a fact which even seems to surprise the host. That surprise, coming from a guy who makes a living out of destroying brand new electronic equipment, speaks volumes for the durability of the system.

Drop tests, to some degree, are now a vital part of electronic reviews and, and it’s ultimately better to see it happen on YouTube than with our own items.

Think they should have tested the drops a different way? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Image: GizmoSlip

Source: Nerdist Tech

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