The X-Men were originally second stringer characters when Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created them back in 1963, eventually getting cancelled after a few short years. But when Marvel Comics resurrected the title the first time, they became the publisher’s marquee characters, and easily the biggest selling comics of the ’80s and ’90s.

But the last few years of comics have put the beloved mutants through the wringer – they got depowered, lost their school/home, their leader Cyclops went psycho, and they all eventually had to live in another dimension due to a deadly Inhuman plague. The X-Men started to barely resemble the team everyone who grew up with them loved.

Now Marvel is planning to go back to basics with the X-Men universe, and is relaunching the titles under the banner of “ResurrXion.” Among the titles are X-Men: Gold, featuring a retro ’80s line-up that includes Old Man Logan, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, and Rachel Grey; and X-Men: Blue, which features the original five members, or at least the teenage versions of themselves, brought forward into the present day and under the guidance of Magneto.

There’s also a new Generation X, featuring Jubilee; a Weapon X series featuring the deadliest mutant killers, as well as ongoing series for Cable, Iceman,  and Jean Grey. Both Old Man Logan and the All-New Wolverine, best known to fans of the movie Logan as Laura/X-23, will continue their current numbering under the ResurrXion banner. Now Marvel has released a special ResurrXion trailer, which features the ’90s X-Men: The Animated Series theme, and which is sure to hit all your nostalgia buttons. You can watch the new trailer above.

The new era of mutant books begins this spring, with the launch of X-Men: Prime #1, which sets the status quo for the mutant heroes before the launch of their new titles. The new comics will launch in April, although Astonishing X-Men will launch in July. That title will feature another all-star line-up, featuring Logan, Archangel, Gambit, Rogue, Mystique, Bishop, Psylocke and Fantomex. It seems that Marvel is making sure that all their heavy hitter X-Men are going to be part of at least one of the line-ups. No room for filler mutants this time like Marrow and Stacy-X (remember Stacy-X? No? Exactly.)  You can check out the covers for each of the first  ResurrXion issues down below in our gallery.

Are you excited (or is that X-cited?) to see Marvel’s Merry Mutants go back to basics? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

Images: Marvel Comics

Source: Nerdist Comics

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