Forty-two, as most people reading this article should know by now, is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.

By sheer coincidence (we assume), it is also the answer to the question “On what floor of a Texas apartment building is there a swimming pool that will give you vertigo?

The eight-inch thick plexiglass ought to protect you, of course. Tom Cruise‘s sky apartment in the movie Oblivion had a pool like this and he was totally chill with it. Then again, he is Tom Cruise. [Caution: PG-13 nudity]

On the other hand, if Jason Statham is after you, you might want to stay really far away from anything of the sort. Thankfully, we are big fans of his work and see no reason why he’d want to do something like this:

You don’t have to decide right now if you’re brave enough to do it, as Market Square Tower in Houston is probably too expensive for any of us to afford (though it’s a steal by comparison to equivalent luxury in L.A. or New York): a two-bedroom in the building can set a person back over four grand a month. Find a roommate, though, and two grand a month seems less bad; besides, who else is going to double-dog-dare ya to lean on the overhanging edge of the pool?

If you could, would you do it? Tell us why or why not in comments.

Image: YouTube/In the Know

Source: Nerdist Tech

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