Well, deep down we all knew the time would come where we’d have to pit two of our favorite animated shows against each other. When Finn and Jake from Adventure Time would finally be matched with the only two people that could be considered their rivals, Regular Show’s Mordecai and Rigby. Alright, a battle is probably not going to happen but just imagine all the weird shenanigans the four will get up to in the upcoming Adventure Time/Regular Show crossover comic!

According to a recent article on EW, both oddball worlds will collide this August in the upcoming comic, Adventure Time/ Regular Show, written by Conor McCreery. The comic’s run will see Finn and Jake sent to the the Regular Show universe in order to find something that can save Ooo from a powerful new villain. McCreery shared some thoughts with EW that have us excited and show that, deep down, he must be a fan of both worlds.  Saying fans should expect “a LOT of craziness. Expect a lot of friendship. Expect monsters. Expect punches. Expect patoots. Maybe even expect… Hambonning!” He adds: “Plus, how much fun is it to have these guys meet and hang with each other? Oh, and it’s got a totally math new villain!”EWCoverStitchedATRS

So, while fans still may be bummed about both shows seeing their final seasons (Regular show ending earlier this year and Adventure Time currently in the midst of its last season) the adventures of both worlds can, in a way, live on through the comics starting in August 2017.

What do you hope happens in the upcoming comic?

Images: EW/Kaboom 

Source: Nerdist Comics

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