Even though tomorrow is the day when we all collectively thank our moms for bringing us into the world and being there for us, a certain YouTuber is back to further prove his dad is one of the coolest.

YouTube’s Nick Luciano and his dad are back with a brand new video where Papa Luciano reenacts character emotes from Blizzard Entertainment’s insanely popular game, Overwatch. The video–brought to our attention via a recent post on Polygon–places the in-game animations and Mr. Luciano side by side while he does his best to imitate their actions using various household items and Nerf guns.

While the duo go through quite a few characters, a certain few stand out for how much Mr. Luciano sells them. We can’t get enough of the joy he emotes spinning around watching an imaginary Ganymede as the robot Bastion, the intensity of his Winston end-pose, and the multiple attempts to get Junkrat’s grenade juggling just right. However, our favorite part has got to be the emote that opens the video with Mr. Luciano energetically imitating Reinhardt, holding his weed wacker rocket hammer only to be caught a bit off guard by an (undoubtedly) confused neighbor.

Beyond how humorous these videos are on their surface, it’s just plain nice to see a dad get so involved with his son’s gaming habits and truly bond with him over it. The Lucianos have been doing this sort of thing for a few years now and you can’t deny the sincerity of the laughs had between them in all their videos. And while Overwatch is fun and all, our favorite remains one of their first videos imitating Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U.

What are your favorite Papa Luciano taunts? What games do you think they should do next? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Image: Nick Luciano

Source: Nerdist Games

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