Is it time to light up the Trouble Alert in the Hall of Justice? It’s no secret that the DC Extended Universe has struggled to keep fans happy and engaged with their newest films. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has its defenders, but everyone’s hopes have been pinned on Wonder Woman and Justice League for a cinematic turnaround. Now, a mere six months away from the release of Justice League, word has emerged that the film is undergoing major reshoots that have essentially remade the entire movie. Today’s Nerdist News is teleporting out of the Watchtower with the latest scoop!

Join host, and the only superheroine who hasn’t been rebooted, Jessica Chobot, as she takes a look inside the news from Splash Report which indicates that the Justice League reshoots are far more extensive than the normally scheduled reshoots that almost every film receives. From the sound of it, the changes being made are extremely “significant,” and the final film we get may not even resemble the Justice League trailers that we’ve already seen.


Keep in mind, these are simply rumors. That said, Splash Report did accurately convey the information about Rogue One‘s extensive reshoots. And as the site itself notes, these reshoots are not inherently a bad thing. Rogue One‘s reshoots ended up helping the finished film become one of last year’s biggest hits, and there’s no reason that Justice League can’t also benefit from the extra attention and time. It’s a little concerning that the studio and director are making course corrections so late in the game, but better now than never!

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Source: Nerdist Comics

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