Let’s imagine for a glorious moment that you had the money to send enough satellites into space to give everyone on the planet internet. Would you use your newfound grip on Earth for good or for evil? Well, Elon Musk wants to be able to make this choice very soon, and we’re almost positive he’ll do what’s right. Like 99 percent. Probably.

On this week’s episode of Muskwatch, Dan and I are breaking down this surely-not-evil-but-was-the-exact-evil-plot-in-Kingsman: The Secret Service plan of Musk’s (sending more satellites into space in two years than are currently in orbit), along with the tri-CEO’s recent testing of the Falcon Heavy rocket core–the main cluster of engines beneath the center of the Falcon Heavy. Musk isn’t content with just controlling the blackness around Earth, and so with this testing down, the Falcon Heavy is poised to be the most powerful rocket in operation by a factor of two.

If everything falls into place for SpaceX, this will be the rocket that first brings humans to Mars, and Dan and I can only say:


We’re rounding out this week with a discussion of the MUTT, a new military device that definitely won’t be rolling over human skulls we think.

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Source: Nerdist Tech

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