Last month, Sony celebrated two decades of PaRappa the Rapper with a remastered edition of the game for the Playstation 4. On the original Playstation, PaRappa was the first modern rhythm game and one of the most influential titles of the era. Now, PaRappa fans have something new to look forward to, as the creator of the series, Masaya Matsuura, has teased NanaOn-Sha’s newest rhythm game, Project Rap Rabbit.

Via Bleeding Cool, NanaOn-Sha has launched the official site for Project Rap Rabbit, a collaboration between Masaya Matsuura and Keiichi Yano, the creator of another classic rhythm game, Gitaroo Man. The company describes the game as a “new rhythm-action adventure,” but beyond that, we don’t know too much about it. The first piece of artwork from the game introduces the main character, and the setting appears to be a mishmash of modern and feudal Japan, with a random flying saucer as well.

On the project’s Facebook page, NanaOn-Sha said that new information about Project Rap Rabbit will be released very soon. “You won’t need to wait long: We’ll share much, much more about the project – including planned formats and the key gameplay mechanics – in less than 24 hours.” We’re certainly hoping that this title can recapture some of that PaRappa the Rapper magic and usher in a new era for rhythm games. It definitely appears to have a lot of potential!

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Image: NanaOn-Sha

Source: Nerdist Games

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