Darth Vader dropping the bomb that he was Luke’s long-lost, allegedly dead (thanks, Obi Wan) father at the end of The Empire Strikes Back wasn’t just the most shocking moment in Star Wars‘ Original Trilogy, but indeed one of the most shocking moments in movie history. And though it’d be tough for any new revelation to swipe the crown from this most rattling of plot turns, it appears that The Last Jedi thinks it’s got a worthy contender on its hands.

In today’s Nerdist News Talks Back, host Jessica Chobot rallies Nerdist’s Science Editor and Because Science sensei Kyle Hill and Nerdist’s Associate Editor Kyle Anderson to talk about what just might be the new most shocking moment in Star Wars history, plus a bewitching new TV series and the latest from Star Trek: Discovery.

It wasn’t The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson himself who claimed rights to the twist superlative, but the film’s overseas marketing campaign. A Japanese poster advertising the next Star Wars movie asserted that “The most shocking truth in Star Wars history will soon be revealed!” probing curiosity from everyone who was already eagerly awaiting the film. Our team’s first guess is that this would-be “shocking truth” must pertain to Rey’s parentage, but what if we’re simply not thinking outside the chance cube?

And while we’re on the subject, this particularly gabby poster also revealed a few scant details about General Leia’s Resistance mission with Poe Dameron and Finn. Are we to expect a late-in-film showdown between tycoon-of-diplomacy Leia and grandmaster-of-evil Snoke? How does Finn’s inclusion in the operation change our expectations for how things will carry out? Jess and the Kyles swap a few ideas on the subject, but tell us your own!

Moving on to the small screen, we’re all pretty excited about the adaptation of the novel-turned-video game series The Witcher into a new TV show… but nobody’s more excited than Kyle Hill. If you’re not familiar with the haunting franchise, allow Mr. Hill to explain how it might be gracing us just in time to make up for that nasty gaping hole of fantasy entertainment we’ll all have to contend with once Game of Thrones is off the air in 2018.

Finally, back to space! We got our first look at star Michelle Yeoh in costume for Star Trek: Discovery, and we have to say, things do look familiar. Clearly, Discovery is hearkening back to Star Trek of yore in an affectionate manner, allowing us to think back warmly on our own personal histories with the Star Trek series and films. Thus, the natural question: What is everybody’s favorite Star Trek series?

As for the future of Trek, how will Discovery manage to uphold the franchise’s history with tackling contemporaneous social and political issues in this particularly colorful and complex day and age? If nothing else, we’re curious. Let us know if you are too!

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

Source: Nerdist Games

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