Last weekend, DC announced that Doomsday Clock will bring together the world’s greatest superhero and characters from Watchmen together, but you don’t have to wait until November to see that happen! This week, The Flash #22 is wrapping up a four-part crossover with Batman that brings the Reverse-Flash face-to-face with “God.” And while we don’t get a good look at the almighty in this preview, we’re pretty sure that he’s big, blue, and not a big fan of clothes.

Months ago, Batman discovered that someone had hidden the Comedian’s bloodstained button in the Batcave. Neither Batman nor the Flash fully understood the significance of the button, but it appears to have otherworldly properties that may lead them back to Doctor Manhattan. However, the Reverse-Flash beat up Batman and stole the button from the Batcave…before returning moments later from his own future and immediately perishing. As he died, the Reverse-Flash said that he saw God. In this preview, we get to see how he arrived at that point in time.

The Flash 22 page 1

Writer Joshua Williamson and artist Howard Porter are wrapping up “The Button” with an insane race through time and space, as the Reverse-Flash ignores the warnings of Batman and the Flash. In fact, the Reverse-Flash even comes up with a new way to torment Barry Allen and destroy the Flash forever. The question is whether he’ll live long enough to make good on that threat.

You can read more pages from the issue in our gallery below, but first, let’s check out Jason Fabok’s cover, which suggests that the original Flash, Jay Garrick, is making his return in this issue.

The Flash 22 cover

That would be more comforting if the variant covers by Porter didn’t appear to depict the Rival, an evil speedster who was Garrick’s primary adversary. Perhaps he’ll be the one to return in this issue instead of Garrick.

The Flash 22 open order variant cover


The Flash #22 races into stores tomorrow, May 17.

What do you think will happen in the final part of “The Button.” Enter the Speed Force and share your thoughts below!

Images: DC Comics

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