What would you want to drive if given the opportunity to cruise around on Mars? Would you prefer something sensible like a Kia minivan just in case you needed to bring home space groceries? Of course not! You probably already know Mars doesn’t have speed limits, traffic, or law enforcement, so you’d want a vehicle that can really tear S@$T up and burn out some sick donuts on the surface of the planet. Well, does NASA have the car for you!

This bad-ass Batcave-worthy concept rover was brought to our attention via a recent article on Futurism and has got us thinking about the future of Mars transportation. The vehicle was designed by a company named Parker Brothers Concepts as part of NASA’s Summer Of Mars, taking place at the Kennedy Space Center–well–this summer. The objective of the event is to get people excited for Mars research and exploration, and what better way to do so than to create working manned rover concept?

The vehicle spans a total of 28 feet (the hindquarters being a lab) and is capable of zipping around at about 60 to 70 mph. While this particular vehicle likely won’t be the one that gets Marstronauts (we’re hoping that’s what they’ll be called) from point A to point B–it does raise some interesting thoughts. There will certainly come a time when there are enough people, supplies, and stuff up on Mars that joyriding will most definitely be a thing. People will undoubtedly race in rovers to pass the time, blow off steam, or–fingers crossed–fight Mars crime in Mars Gotham City.

What do you think the rovers that eventually go to Mars will look like? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Image:  Warner Bros. Pictures

Source: Nerdist Tech

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